3 Yoga Poses That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Three Yoga Poses That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Find a fitness routine that makes you happy. The kind that makes you excited to start it. The kind that makes you laugh while you’re exercising and it fills you up with positive energy for long after you’re done.

How you look and feel is ultimately up to you, but no number can determine your age as well as a feeling can. So let yourself be young.

To let you in a little on what’s going on in your head – our mind is a liar, it would never allow us to feel beautiful, capable, or strong. As soon as we start feeling those things, it usually puts the breaks on our progress and takes us in the opposite direction.

But why not outsmart it? When blood rushes to your head the hormones start to mix and reset.

Have you ever observed toddlers? They love to mimic headstands, flips and such. Ever tried holding them by the ankles and spinning them around? They LOVE it. So allow yourself to be a toddler for a bit. Or most of the time, within reason. Fresh blood to your head freshens your skin tone, it inspires new synaptic connections to form and brings new perspectives to whatever you might be up to.

1. Stand tall in mountain grounding, breathe in and swing your arm up, on an exhale fold forward in swan dive, reach for your elbows and hang, sway side to side and keep breathing.

2. Stand tall, extend your arms out to the side and spin around. Repeat the spinning in the opposite direction. Make sure there is no dangerous objects in your way and allow yourself to center yourself after you’re finished spinning.

3. Free swing. Just like a toddler.

Remember that you’re your own personal trainer, so do your best at each and every given moment. Also beware to drink a lot of water to normalize the system afterwards.

And don’t ever feel bad for laying down on your back to ground yourself and simply breathe. Make sure to do no better and no less than YOU are feeling at that moment in time. Your system needs a break once in a while, especially when you work hard. You don’t ever want to burn out, as it might actually cost you more in the long run as if you took it step by step from the beginning. 

Inversions, spinning and swinging are great to counterbalance your system. We spend a considerable amount of time sitting and gravity constantly pulls us down and makes our shoulders sink, round the spine and bring the emotions down right with the rest of our posture. Taking only a few minutes to counter pose, it could make us excel at what we are already doing great. Consider it. It works wonders for me. You might even be surprised at how quickly your energy levels can rise (it is all science behind your hormones, but you don’t need to know that in order for it to work). This is how our brains have us wrapped around their fingers… or rather synapses.

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